Lava Heights Therapeutically Informed Music for Teens

girl playing instrument in a music therapy program in UtahTherapeutically informed music for teens at Lava Heights Academy is a form of creative arts programming that is integrated into our overall therapeutic experience. When used strategically, creative arts programs through music is a highly effective therapeutic intervention for teens.

At Lava Heights, music is a powerful experiential therapeutically informed approach addressing our student’s individual treatment goals. We use Music Arts programs to build powerful therapeutic relationships between the student and a professional music specialist – and real growth occurs! Moreover, youth are naturally motivated by music, and therefore less resistant to therapy.

Music Itself is Therapeutic

As most parents know, every teen loves music in one form or another. Music is a natural form of expression that teenagers gravitate toward. Music is a well-established therapeutic approach in which music is used within a therapeutic relationship to address the emotional, behavioral, and social needs of youth. There is also a tremendous academic enhancement component.

After assessing the strengths and therapeutic needs of the individual student, our music specialist produces a tailored treatment plan using all arenas of music for growth. Music arts encompasses listening, creating, and playing music. Through musical involvement in our creative arts approach, the students’ musical abilities are improved and refined. In the musical training experience, there are inherent trials and errors, adversity, triumphs, and disappointments. Students at Lava Heights work through the specialized difficulties found in developing their musical talents. The success discovered in musical training can then be processed and transferred to other areas of their lives.

Music for teens provides avenues for appropriate self-expression that can be helpful to those who find it difficult to communicate. Research shows that many areas of life are supported and enhanced through music; such as emotional growth, increased motivation, improved self-image, and improved self-identity. Essentially, music arts programs provide an outlet for expression of feelings and emotions that translates into healing of the whole person.