Here’s What Our Parents are Saying

mom and daughter discussing Lava Heights Academy testimonials At Lava Heights Academy, our goal is to do our best to help youth recover, heal, and to see families reunited.
To this end, we sincerely do our best to care for your teen while they are entrusted into our care – and help you reconnect with your child as new skills are mastered.
We truly appreciate the feedback, stories, and comments we receive from our parents and students throughout the years.

“The arts program was so effective in getting through to our son who couldn’t connect with his therapists at school or home. He had such a wonderful experience and we’re able to communicate much better as a family.”

“Choosing Lava Heights Academy was the best decision we could have made for our family. After therapy failed we tried wilderness, and then a public program. Lava Heights has a beautifully thought out program and environment where our daughter has excelled.”

“We thought we had passed the point that we could reach our daughter. She was within months of turning eighteen and her future was bleak at best with friends pulling her into a world of self-destruction. Lava was a Godsend for our family, and for our daughter. Not only did she overcome the substances she was abusing, she got back on track academically. I only wish her friends were so lucky.”

“Thank you for helping us get our son back. When we realized he needed more structure and therapy than we could provide at home we were worried that the time away would result in a regression academically. Not only is he better emotionally, he’s learned study skills that are helping him excel back at home.”

“We loved how family focused the program and therapy was at Lava. We could see that the problems our daughter was facing was affecting the whole family and while she was there we also worked on our issues at home. The family therapy was essential, I don’t think we would be so close as a family without the wonderful help you gave us. Thank you.”

“Lava heights worked wonders for our daughter. We were encouraged by our family therapist to find a residential program that provided therapy through the arts as a means of communicating her thoughts better in therapy. She really came out of her shell and even performed in the Christmas program in front of all of the parents and students! It was an amazing transformation.”

“Thanks for the wonderful work you did with our family. Jayme has been home for almost a year next month and while there has been some ups and downs, he has always pulls himself back on track without our intervention. The skills he learned at Lava have given him opportunities for work and school we thought was lost. Thank you for getting our family back together.”